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Renewable Energy

At the forefront of the energy recruitment sector, Vinarco partners with you to fill green energy roles within your company, bringing your business forward.

While Oil, Gas and Coal will remain the dominant sources of energy for the foreseeable future, there is increasing interest and investment in Alternatives – Renewables, such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass and geothermal, and Nuclear. Vinarco is committed to building our own expertise in these new (to developing Asia) sectors and meeting our clients’ needs for experienced technical consultants who are currently few and far between.

At Vinarco, we are your partner renewable energy recruitment company, paving our way to a greener future together. We work with small to medium enterprises, large multi-national businesses and individual jobseekers alike to source environmentally friendly project management positions across the whole sector. Experts in our field, we have a dedicated network of international offices who work within the blue-chip sector to supply leading candidates for your green energy jobs. Investing in alternative energy sources is a smarter choice for your business growth, your finances and for our collective future.

Key sectors

  • Power generation
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Power
  • Hydropower


  • Engineering
  • Support functions i.e. Accounting Finance, HR, IT
  • Commercial roles i.e. Sales, Marketing, Business Development