Our Offices: Thailand, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia,
Myanmar, Pakistan, Singapore, Vietnam


VINARCO Services Thailand & SEAROV Offshore are two “human-sized” organizations, sharing a common goal: delivering quality services to clients through a constant spirit of excellence.

Combining 25 years of contracting expertise in Asia and more than 10 years of underwater works in Western Africa, both for major Operators, Vinarco and Searov engaged in a resourceful joint-venture in Thailand:

Through creative & innovative technical solutions, our joined expertise displays a pragmatic approach, either deep or shallow waters, vessel charter or turnkey projects, providing our clients with a full range of cost-effective Subsea Services: Engineering and management of offshore operations, Support to the development of offshore fields, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair, Decommissioning solutions with rig site re-assignment.

Underwater inspection campaigns

Emergency response

NDT Survey

Set-up and construction work support

Bathymetric monitoring and campaigns

Drilling support

ROV and underwater tools maintenance and upgrades

Ocean floor inspection and bathymetry

From observations & surveys ROVs to larger vehicle for underwater construction, we enjoy a fully owned flexible range of ROVs for shallow, intermediate or deep-sea projects.

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