3 Strategies For Effective Human Resource Management in Working From Home

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Since the epidemic situation of COVID- 19, the world has been continuously changing and evolving until it has become a ” new world,” also known as the New Normal. Infiltrated into all of our lives. until it became a habit to Order food through Delivery, ordering online in E-Commerce markets, or even working from home that is a remote work model. that many organizations have adapted to this form more

Recently, there has been a phenomenon, The Great Resignation or Big Quit, known as the Great Resignation. This event has already happened in America. During quarter 2 of 2021, group turnover of up to 4 million lives, a retired major. Of the 1,000 people surveyed, 39% said they would quit if they had to work in an office environment. If the organization cannot work outside, it will likely increase by nearly 50% if it focuses on millennials or Gen Z people driving the labor market (workforce). And in Thailand, if the Covid- 19 situation tends to improve. Maybe, a foreign phenomenon may occur.

What made The Great Resignation happen?

From the past Covid – 19 situation, working from home is the first thing people are looking for is working at homemade, people see and think of something about their goals in the past. There is a need for more items, such as more money. More flexibility at work or greater happiness Most people find some meaning in life. He got time to come back get satisfaction back. Don’t waste time in traffic jams. More time to spend with family, more hobbies, more things you love and your dreams.

However, the survey showed that 51% of people work remotely. Fear of bosses not believing they can do their job effectively, resulting in 40% working harder and 37% not eating lunch. And this effect causes a condition known as BurnOut. The new generation is more common because I feel that the original work does not meet the changing needs and in Thailand become more.

What happens to employees working from Work From Home does?

Survey results, how is working without going to the office better? 84% said not having to travel saves time and reduces the stress of traffic jams. The wisdom in Bangkok is a lot; 75% said that cost savings such as travel, 32% feared cattle caught him from traveling public, 26% close family and pets. Making it at home makes people aware of their own goals and work more time without rushing to work. And waste time in traffic jams. They spent the rest of the time on their passions, hobbies, and family, and 15% said they had more time with their children, increasing their happiness in life when going back to work at the office for five days as usual resistance.

Three strategies, the future of work must change How do bosses keep employees?

1. To focus on Passion and determination Prioritize Passion & Purpose.

Focusing on what employees want more money today is not to say that. But nowadays we are saying Why we work? Leaders have to attract talented people and answer the employees’ needs as much as possible. For example, ask them why you love this job. Why do you want to work here? How do I work? A leader’s job is to help him find Passion in his work.

2. Reduce overwork Banish Busy Work

Leaders should use different technologies. Reduce the burden of unnecessary work such as paperwork, registration work. Engaging employees with OwnerShip in real-life or time-management work flexibility to work more efficiently. And demand ahead of the Passion has been working on the dream itself.

3. Timed out of clockwork Screw the 9-to-5

If someone forces the time to work, Creativity is not out. More than 60% of employees want to set up their work schedules. Flexible and able to design your own life But still maintain the discipline of working in the Delivery of work on time It’s time for leaders to ditch the job that requires 9 a.m. leave, 5 p.m., and goes into the office every day.

But here, it doesn’t say that the old style or the new one is better. The current work has changed little and was never the same again. I have to adjust accordingly. And each organization or some work is necessary to enter the office. Going to the office is still important. Every organization has its way of working.

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