6 Benefits That Motivate the New Generation to Want to Work With Them the Most

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From 2020 onwards, the labor market will become the era of today’s Gen Z children. It is a vital force in driving the labor market of more than 20% of Thailand and many organizations that provide a new generation of talented people to work in the organization.

Gen Z is a group born between May. Prof . 2538-2552 grew up with technology can learn quickly. Update news in online media all the time. and tend to be people who can multitask

Gen Z children adapt quickly; how can they work in the organization long?

The new generation can adapt to changes quickly if the organization overlooks this group of children because they change jobs often. Probably not suitable for the organization because Gen Z children will drive the labor market in the future.

What many organizations should be concerned about is not working with these children. But what to do to Gen Z with the organization in the long term ” welfare ” is another factor that makes many people choose to apply for jobs. If you ask the new generation ” salary ” or ” welfare, “what motivates them to work with this company more? Some said “money, “some said interest. But in this era, money on welfare is as vital as the other parties.

What kind of welfare are the young people considering?

Of course, in 2021, happiness in life is no longer just about money. Younger generations need more balance in life. Employee welfare is an essential tool that the HR department pays much attention to keep employees in the organization as long as possible In the past few years, there have been new types of welfare that are good for employees and have occurred in Thailand. See how the welfare 6 where the young people are looking for what?

6th place, language learning benefits or scholarships in education

Nowadays, the more people who know a language, the higher their chances of getting a job. Many organizations are attracting employees who are serious about improving their language skills, such as English, Chinese, Japanese or other languages, not just language. Organizations can also provide scholarships or short-term seminars that help enhance employees’ skills to apply knowledge to work. The more skilled your employees are, the more they drive your organization to evolve.

5th Change your SmartPhone and technology devices every year.

Whether it’s a small matter, it’s not. Today, organizations must always be aware that The new generation grows up with technology. And the world is entering the Internet of Things era, causing some organizations to attract employees with benefits to support more IT work equipment such as smartphones, tablets or notebooks, Etc. In addition to being able to take advantage of work. It creates a good image for the organization as well.

4th place, free food service, and recreation room

Complimentary food service is not new. But often in industrial or factory systems But now the big office started offering free food, snacks or drinks. Allow employees to come out and talk or meet in common areas. And a recreation room that may have small games such as board games, snooker tables, Etc., to strengthen relationships with co-workers. and relieve stress from work as well

3rd Exercise in the office

Having a healthy body is an essential factor in the life of today’s children. Helps relieve stress Strengthen relationships with colleagues and help achieve a balance in life Many organizations are starting to offer free fitness benefits. or even have a small gym in the office

2nd place particular financial welfare

Although the new generation does not only look at money, the financial benefits are still needed, whether bonuses, overtime (OT), or a loan interest rate of 0% to apply emergency. Take care of health insurance. Or borrowing money for the purchase of home And some organizations have benefits to save money for retirement. It is an essential factor that will decide to work with another part of the company.

1st work anywhere without going to the office (Work from everywhere)

Current work will not lack the flexibility to work at all. Since the Covid- 19 epidemic, working from home has become the New Normal, even if you have to go to the office. But maybe 3-4 times a week. Or attend only with occasional meetings. In addition, employees can arrange their own work time to motivate the younger generation and make them better creative ideas.

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